Alternative Energy Sources and Renewable Energy

July 28th, 2015

The U.S. Energy Information Administration forecasts renewable energy will be the fastest-growing power source through 2040.

renewable energy and alternative energy sources

Modern enterprises prefer to use alternative energy sources because of its perspective and great effectiveness. Most of them see real possibility to reduce some consumption in manufacturing and to find new solutions in enterprise supply.

For example, gas produced by anaerobic digestion is usually more than 60 percent methane. Properly collected, this gas can serve as a natural gas substitute in applications such as boilers, hot water heaters, reciprocating engines, turbines and fuel cells. The most popular technology to convert biogas is to employ internal-combustion engines that run a generator, which produces the electricity.

This is used to power local facilities and any excess power is sold back to the grid. Heat generated by the engines can be recovered and used to heat digesters and plant facilities, optimizing the overall system efficiency.

Getting biogas from animal waste products can be assembled on enterprise`s specifications and automation system for energy supply can be developed for different plants, manufacturing departments and farms. Statistics says that the growing of alternative energy sources will be one of the main directions in the nearest industrial future.

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