Water & waste water

Our experience in the water and waste water industry qualifies SAS to be one of the most interesting partners in this area. Our team is able to handle numerous projects and to strengthen the confidence of customers. Since 2006 our team of 20 specialists have brought to life dozens of projects and created close community of partners and customers among European and Asian countries.

sewage pumping stations

Up-to-date automation systems and modern technologies provide stable and professional control of water consumption and transportation. All sewage pumping stations are based on high-performance equipment of world-renowned brands. The SAS services in this business field are concentrated on waste water and water supply.

We give our customers proof of our proficiency and stable assurance in their own high level of control and water contribution of the best quality. In the area of water supply SAS is one of the leaders both to support large companies, plants, cities and small factories and private water systems.

The automation systems for sewage pumping stations are used to have an opportunity for different control modes: manual, remote and automatic. It helps to collect, storage, analyze and send all data in accessible way using modern devices, software and net technologies.

If you’d like further information about automation control systems, water supply, waste water fields – feel free to contact us. Our experts will take all the time necessary to answer your questions, whether by phone, e-mail, or via a personal meeting.