Industrial Automation and Systems Integrator | SAS

Automation is changing our life and we can see these changes everyday and everywhere. We are proud to be a part of industrial automation society and we understand our responsibility for the changes we make for our Customers.

We are working hard to provide our Customers with the most up-to-date automation technologies, best industrial automation practices and most interesting integration ideas.

How can we help YOU to change your life and your business with automation services?


We have control technicians that are highly proficient in the system selection, programming and installation of many PLC, HMI and SCADA software applications.

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Panel building

Local Control Panels

Ltd. “System Automation Service” offers one source for control panel assembly, PLC control panels and electronic assemblies to ensure innovative design and quality products.

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Electrical installation (cabling)

electrical installation

As an experienced company, Ltd. “System Automation Service” believes that electrical energy is the main asset to modern quality of different life areas and business needs.

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