Oil & gas

Ltd. “System Automation Service” is committed to serve the gas industries worldwide since 2006. The main area of focus in these industries is gas transport, storage, and distribution. We plan and set up modern systems for automatic control of natural gas transportation meeting challenging requirements and provide for reliable station and unit automation.

Oil & gas solutions

Our principles, modern software and equipment are the main features which form our client base and provide us advantageous privileges in cooperation with unit suppliers. Since 2006 we`ve set up about 25 projects of compressor stations using latest automation technologies.

Great experience and partnership with renowned companies let us offer innovative and multi-step solutions in different fields of gas and oil industries. . Our reliable applications provide full control over natural gas compressors, turbines, expanders and their safety and capacity. In order for natural gas to be transported to the end customer, it must be converted from a high to a low pressure state, since the last mile is operated under low pressure. In addition, the gas is distributed across a number of measurement and regulation stretches so as to allow users to be provisioned according to individual need.

We offer complete automation solution, including instrumentation and control panels. This equipment allows the safe operation of gas pressure regulation with modern natural gas compressors.

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