Electrical installation (cabling)

As a company, Ltd. “System Automation Service”  believes that electrical energy is the main asset to modern quality of life and business needs. There is a continual need for electrical installations and maintenance of electrical circuits and products to maintain and further improve lifestyles and business solutions.

electrical installation

Our experience in these fields enable us to provide a service which meets the most demanding schedules and achieve a high quality installation.

Main stages of our cable system solutions:

  • Cables and installation material estimation and delivery;
  • Cable trays installation;
  • Cable trays earthing;
  • Cable pulling and laying;
  • Insulation testing of the cables installed;
  • Cable marking;
  • Equipment glanding;
  • Cable termination from filed side and from panel side;
  • Complete testing of the electrical circuits from field devices up to control panel terminals and PLC I/Os.

As a well-established installation contractor, we offer quality cable system management, thorough documentation, and computer-aided design. Our innovative team is dedicated to designing the simplest, yet most efficient communication system for your needs. For further information, please, contact us.